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The 1st UMAI Kung Fu Tournament can mail out registration packets to all interested competitors, coaches and Sifus. NOTE: Now you can register ONLINE.

To receive a registration packet, please email us at

Please provide the following information in the email:

The registration packet contains:

Fees for the 1st UMAI North Region (Kung Fu) Tournament

Download the Registration Form Left-click to open PDF in a new window, right-click to "Save As..."

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Registration fees:

Registration fee

  • after 10/17/2011 through 10/23/2011
  • includes participation in one event


Additional events

$20.00 per event

U.M.A.I. member discount

$10.00 (must show member card)


Friday Evening Seminars
Date:                   October 21st
Location:            Wingate Suites Hotel, 50 Remington Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60173
Seminar S101           
Title:                        Bridging Hands (Chi Sau) and Double Short Weapon Sparring
Time:                        9:00-10:00 pm
Participants:             Open to all – No Charge
Description            In this seminar, competitors of ANY STYLE (no previous experience necessary) will receive guidance on competing in the Bridging Hands and Double Short Weapon Sparring divisions.  This seminar is designed to educate and help students explore their own martial arts system through the use of these techniques.
Instructor:            Sifu Marty Goldberg (Watchful Dragon Kwoon)
Cost:                        No Charge

Saturday Morning Seminars

Date:                        Saturday October 22nd           
Time:                          8:00 – 8:50 ALL Seminars
Location:             Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Road, Palatine, IL 60067, Bldg M, Gymnasium
Cost:                          See Payment Information below.
Seminar S102
Title:                      Thirteen Postures of Taiji
Description: This seminar will explore the 13 basic postures of Taiji.  Many believe that the source of all Taiji skill is the basic 13 postures and that correctly learning and executing these postures creates the best foundation for Taiji practice.  
Instructor:              Master Zhang
Participants:           Appropriate for all ages and levels. 
Seminar S103
Title:                        Tai Chi Fan
Description:            This seminar will cover the basics of Tai Chi fan.  Bring a fan if you have one.  Fans will also be available for use and/or purchase.  
Instructor:            Sifu David Cohn
Participants:            Appropriate for all ages and levels.
Seminar S104
Title:                     Combat Shuai Chiao
Description:          This seminar will focus on “deceptive moves and hands” of Shuai Chiao. 
Instructor:            Sifu Dwight Foster
Participants:          For those interested in Shuai Chiao Chinese Wrestling

*Pre-Register Online - $30 **CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR $40 – NO REFUNDS

*Payment must accompany Registration Form. List the Seminar number on your form.
*All participants must sign the waiver on the registration form.
*Seminars may be cancelled or combined based on enrollment or instructor’s status on the day of the Tournament.
Seminar Leaders
Martin Goldberg is the founder of the Watchful Dragon Kwoon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Starting his martial arts training in Kenpo at the age of 10, he went on to study Northern Shaolin, Ninpo, Thai Boxing, and Boxing.  In 1992, he was introduced to Wing Chun Kuen and has studied and taught that art ever since. Initially reaching instructor level in Cheung Chuk-Hing's branch of the Yip Man family of Wing Chun, he has gone on to bai si (become a disciple of) Shifu Robert Chu and to study and teach his Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen methods.  Marty is also the founder of the Wing Chun Kuen Mailing List, the first Internet discussion list (founded in 1992) dedicated to the open discussion of the art among all branches.  More recently, he was co-founder and co-speaker of the Wing Chun Friendship Seminars - a series of seminars across North America from 1998-2001 dedicated to open sharing and discussion of the art across all branches and families.
David Cohn has studied Chinese Martial Arts for 40 years.  He studied with Professor Lu Hong Bin and many other eminent Tai Chi and Kung Fu teachers.  He is a well-respected teacher in the Chicago area and has been a presenter and demonstrator at many Chinese Martial Arts gatherings.  In addition to Chinese Martial Arts, Mr. Cohn has also studied Qigong, principally with Master Yu-Cheng Huang.  He was a participating writer of Master Huang’s seven workbooks on Qigong.
Dwight Foster Dwight Foster began studying martial arts at 5 years of age. He has since earned a Gold Sash in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, 9th degree Black Belt in Wu Yang Tse Chuan BKF and 7th degree Black Belt in Combat Shuai Chiao. He has also studied and currently teaches Xing Yi Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gua Zhang.  Mr. Foster is currently the Chief Instructor of the United Martial Arts Institute and Midwest chapter of the American Combat Shuai Chiao Association under Dr. Brian Wu. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his five children and six grandchildren.  
Hongchao Zhang holds a BA & MA degree in Wushu.  He is a first-class Wushu judge, an 8th Dan of Wushu and a professor at Henan University and Wuhan Institute, China.  Master Zhang operates the Chinese Gong Fu Institute in Chicago and has written many books and articles on Chinese martial arts.  He has received many awards as a martial artist, teacher, and technical advisor.  Master Zhang is a member of the USAWKF (United States of America Wushu-KungFu Federation).

Seminar Early Bird Fee





Spectator's fee


Kids 6 and under


Video pass

$30.00 (includes one spectator fee)

Please note:

Make checks payable to UMAI or use Pay Pal to send a payment to:

Day of event we will only accept CASH (no checks, credit cards or debit cards will be accepted). Checks will only be accepted for pre-registration when mailed in with forms (due date 10/17/2009). There will be a $30.00 fee charged for returned checks.

Volunteer Duties

Job Title

Required Days


Door Attendants

Fri, Sat, & Sun

You will check participants for wristbands, hand stamps, and video passes upon entry into the tournament room.


Sat & Sun

You will be responsible for monitoring time limits as required by each event and call audible warnings as time expires. You will also have to throw a small red beanbag into the center of the ring as a signal of time expired (for some events). You may be asked to stop and start the time as requested by the Chief Judge. You will be operating a standard 3-button digital stopwatch. You will bring event sheets to and from the administration desk for recording.


Sat & Sun

You will be required to record and calculate scores for each individual competitor as ring judges call them. You will be required to know how to take the average of a series of numbers (sum of individual scores / total number of scores).

Scorekeeping example:
Scores for competitor #1 are 9.5, 9.2, 9.8, 9.4, and 9.1

In this case with 5 scores, you will be asked to drop the highest and lowest score and average the remaining 3. If there is any deviation from this method, you will be notified by the Center Referee:

9.8 (highest score) and 9.1 (lowest score) are dropped.
Remaining scores are 9.5, 9.2, and 9.4.
The average of these 3 scores are:
(9.5 + 9.2 + 9.4) / 3
= 28.1 / 3
= 9.366 is the final score for competitor 1

Ring Assistants (Runners)

Sat & Sun

You will bring event sheets to and from the administration desk for recording. You may also be required to bring supplies (already provided) to the rings if necessary.

Floor Set-up & Clean Up (Demo Preparation)

Sat & Sun

ALL Dr. Wu & Richard Gamboa students are required to participate in this responsibility. You will be required to clear the floor as necessary and then move chairs and tables back to each ring and make sure all necessary supplies are at each table after the demo.

* If you would like to do a certain duty and do not know how to do it, PLEASE let us know in advance and we will train you how or find something else you may enjoy doing.