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Traditional Kung Fu Forms

Youth Divisions:

Men’s Divisions (18 - 35):

Women’s Divisions (18 - 35):

Senior Men’s Division (36 and over):

Senior Women’s Division (36 and over):

Kung Fu Weapons

Youth Divisions:

Men’s (18-35) Divisions:

Women’s (18-35) Divisions:

Senior Men’s and Women’s (36 and over):

Two Person Sets

Youth Divisions:

Adult Divisions:

Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)

All styles 18 to 49 / Seniors 50 and above


Weapons: All style & all weapons

Other Internal Divisions: 18 and above

Hsing I Chuan Forms:

Hsing I Chuan Weapons:

Pa Kua Chang Forms:

Pa Kua Chang Weapons:

Wushu (Modern/Contemporary & Traditional Wushu)

Light Contact Sparring

(Director has the right to pair up fighters according to size on the day of the event)




Bridging Hand Divisions

(aka Chi Sao)

Tai Chi Push Hands Divisions

(18 and above)

Restricted Push Hands

Moving Push Hands

Weapon Sparring

Men and Women:

Lei Tai Divisions



Shuai Chiao Divisions

Shuai Chiao Competition on Sunday Only

Physically Challenged Event

Kung Fu Forms:

Kung Fu Weapons:

Note: Divisions may change on day of competition depending on number of competitors. Please check our website often for updates.