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The United Martial Arts Institute Proudly Presents the


Traditional Kung Fu & Modern Wushu
Tai Chi & Other Internal & External Styles
Forms, Weapons, Push Hands & Chi Sao
Sport Shuai Chiao & Lei Tai

1200 W. Algonquin Rd in Palatine, IL 60067

OCTOBER 22nd & 23rd, 2011

Greetings & Salutations Everyone,

It is with the utmost pleasure that you are welcomed to the 1st Annual UMAI Kung Fu Championship!  This Championship Tournament has been created to acknowledge traditional Kung Fu styles as well as give recognition to the many that have devoted themselves to this fine art. Our first year will be the stepping stone for many years to come. Within the Martial Arts, perfection is only obtained through respect, dedication, determination and repetition.

Your support as we bring many diverse groups together in harmonious competition is tremendously appreciated. I am confident that each competitor will show great skill and sportsmanship in honoring not only your school, but your Master, yourself and, most importantly, your art. This October will be an event to look forward to; a time to interact with competitors old and new and to show great pride in our traditional forms.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I personally invite all Martial Arts Instructors and their students to support and participate in this inaugural Championship. This event will provide the opportunity for students, as well as their Instructors, to not only demonstrate their love and talent for the Martial Arts, it will also open the door to new acquaintances of different skills and backgrounds within the Martial Arts community. To insure fairness and encourage sportsmanlike conduct, our officials will be highly qualified Instructors and Masters from throughout the United States, as well as China. Their own diversity will represent all styles and forms, promoting fairness throughout all refereeing and judging.

On behalf of our local Martial Arts community, we sincerely hope your visit to and participation in our Championship Tournament will be not only pleasant, but memorable, as well. We graciously encourage you to reserve the dates, register yourself or your student(s) for the competition. We await your arrival in October.

Dr. Brian Wu
Tournament Promoter / Chairman
President, UMAI

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